Moodlight - Daily journal

Moodlight - Daily journal

Moodlight - Daily journal

  • Date: 01/01/2023
Everybody gets moody. Moods are a natural part of your emotional rhythm. Tracking them can help you find patterns in how your moods vary both over time and how they’re influenced by different situations and circumstances.

You probably already know that you feel good when you are in a positive mood, such as when you feel powerful, loving, or optimistic. And, you probably already know you feel bad when you are in a negative mood, such as when you feel anxious, scared, or sad. Other times, you might not really understand how you feel.

With this app you can record your mood and associate it with a wide range of emotions and triggers. This will help you track your thoughts as a daily journal, providing you with a visual representation so you can understand your moods and help you manage them so you can feel better.

- Become more aware of your feelings and emotions

- Create a space to reflect on your feelings and emotions

- Recognize patterns and triggers

- Make better decisions related to triggers and moods

- Share your mood checks with your therapist and get the support you need